Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Redneck Sledding

Y'all won't believe what these punks have been up to!  Nope I bet y'all won't! What?  Really? 
 Nothing surprises y'all anymore?!  I know I'm not easily surprised either!

They've been sledding again. And let me tell y'all, they have a new improved redneck sled. 
Actually, I'm not sure if you call this a sled or a farm chemical tote with a hole cut out of the back.

It works pretty good though.  Especially when your Dad pulls you behind a RZR about 20 miles an hour in a circle.

Then, he drug them down into the pit.

Y'all see the smile on K Dawg's face?  It puts a smile on my face too!

You can just barely see the punks. 
What you can't see is the pile of blankets they have in there for cushion.

Have I mentioned that it was just a tad chilly....

Here you can't even see the sled.... he drove beside the pit just close enough to sling them down in there.   They never flipped... just turned over one time!  Whew.  We love to play in the snow and we're so thankful for the moisture!