Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ranch in January

We enjoyed some nice days at the ranch in January! 
Well truth be told Pake put a hog trap out there and we had to go check on it....
no hog yet but we haven't given up hope!
This is the toilet bowl.... yes there's literally a hole in the rock like a toilet seat. 
Yes, Bray and Tate think they're super funny!

See those feet... Yikes!  I think that's Karson.

Pake's picture... I had to stay back because it got alittle rough for me!

Someone flip this picture for me... thanks

The Tater Jack and I on top... I'm not sure I'll ever climb up there again.... it scares me!

Pake, Tater and Hunter

Hunter headed up the crack... this is the scary part!

But it's not scary to Tate!

The crack doesn't phase Karson or Pake either!

Tater and Bray at the top... you can see MacKenzie damn in the background.... oh and our pickup!

On this fine day, Kerry Don and I didn't attempt the crack, but of course the boys did!


The ranch really is beautiful!  Hopefully all this moisture we're getting is going to make it green,
and that will just make us happy, happy, happy!

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