Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tandy's Crazy Cows

I am the proud owner of 24 of these beautiful F1 cross cows.  What's a F1?  Well it is a cross between a hereford and brahma.  They are almost all brindle or tiger stripped.  I think they are adorable and cute!  And no I'm NOT raising bucking bulls!  LOL

I haven't been able to get just tons of good pictures yet.... have I mentioned it has been cold here this week!  Brrr.....

They seem to like it on KD Adams Farms!

Well until they put them in the shoot, gave them shots, branded them and put this pink ear tag in their ear.

This old girl is like, "NO pink is just not my color!"

 She was hollering too!  "Why me?  Why pink?"  After the guys worked them, they told that we will need to be working on their manners.  Evidentially they are little high headed and wild... Hmmm  ;). I think we can fix them, once we get them settled at their farm and start caking them.  And yes I bet I will get more pictures then!  They will all be calving soon too!  Psst I'll keep you posted!  Also I'm pretty sure they will all be named as soon as I get to know their personalities alittle better.

In other news:  yes it been awhile since I have blogged and since my sister did... There is just no way she's going to show me up!  Lol I have missed it and I will work on getting caught up!  

Y'all stay warm!  Thankfully KD took me town last week and bought me some new coveralls.  I felt real special. 

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