Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Channing Branding 2014

I finally got a group picture this year. What a great group of guys:  Button, Dakota & Hunter (brothers), Braden, Walter, Powder, Dan, Shawn, Randy, Todd, Ty & Alan. 

Walter takes care of the ranch and our cows.  
He's pretty handy and we're really thankful to have him up there!

Tate and Pake gave shots.

Each cowboy gets to drag calves.  They all love it when it's their turn.

I usually take about 953 pictures, but this one is one of favorites.

I like to play like I'm a photographer, but clearly I"m not....  shadows....

I just love momma cows and their babies.  And when you're there in person, the cows are balling and belloring at their babies.  It's a beautiful sound... guess you just have to be there. 

I like horse's butt too...  random  lol

Sometimes I almost get ran over taking pictures.

Tate flanked a few.... 

KD, Walter and Alan discusses important matters... I'm guess something about cows... 

This young guy, Button, can drag calves like a pro.

I branded a few bunches.... hopefully I got the K on backwards...

We got to spend 2 nights at the ranch.  We always cook breakfast and a steak dinner for the crew.  It's just an all around fun time.  We are so thankful for all the cowboys that help!  And to top it all off, it rained almost an inch while we were there!

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