Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It Rained, Finally!

We got 3 inches of rain on June 7th!  It was amazing and scary.  We were across town at KD's cousins house.  We decided to leave about the time it hit.... It was a flood!  It was awesome!  So the next morning we got out to check everything.  Well we found 2 of our sprinklers upside down.

This sprinkler is new to the farm and had just been moved to this place.  The cotton (planted under the cover crop of wheat) is ok.  

We speculate that it may have been a little twister.

Just across the road to the south is the other sprinkler.  
It stinks, but again we're thankful for the rain!

The boys have been playing in the tail water pitt!

Got the old boat out (passed down from Tesla).  I bought 4 bottles of Flex Seal for them.  Did y'all know that stuff is $12.99 a can!?  

They also made a swing!  Who needs a swimming pool when you've got a tailwater pitt. Have I mentioned we're thankful for the rain?

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